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The right roller bearing – for a challenging case of application

More than 50% of our custom-designed bearings are used by manufacturing companies abroad


Welcome to Eich, the specialists for customised solutions of roller bearing types for more than 75 years.

Modular Bearings

Eich specializes on solution development for applications that indicate failures of standard bearing types. All of our production is therefore to order, every item customized.


Take a look at an excerpt of our international customer list. The close cooperation with our customers forms the basis for the development of roller bearings to meet the individual requirements.


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Advice and service

Focusing on customer needs, our production is extremely flexible and constantly works towards the simplification of the production process. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop and produce roller bearings with a high degree of individuality, adapted precisely to the demands of the intended application.

Spare parts of spring bushings

Eich also remains a competent partner for the later optimization of your systems. If individual parts of the spring bushing must be replaced due to wear, we lend you our support with the cost-efficient production and replacement of individual spare parts.

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Roller Bearings / Roller Elements

Eich has been manufacturing individual roller bearings with cylindric roller elements at its company location in Germany for more than 75 years. The characteristics of the Eich roller elements are: extreme heat resistance, high impact loads, dirt resistance, low installation height.



ABC Roller Bearing – Latest innovation from Eich

ABC bearings have a movable roller cage to absorb torsion forces, a ring that acts like a sliding bearing. Advantages of the ABC Roller Bearing:

  • Stability under high temperatures
  • Ability to slide freely in axial direction
  • The design of the roller bearing eliminates the need for additional design measures for cooling and sealing
  • Extreme resistance to damage caused by scale and casting flux residues
  • Eich BR bearings can withstand constant inclinations in the bearing of 18 angular minutes.
ABC bearings


With the basis of housings produced in a 3D printer, optimal manufacturing and clamping strategies are developed.



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