Cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings

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Radial bearings

This bearing design features a very high axial force transmission and rigidity. Wherever high loads need to be transferred and great stability is required, these types of bearings are used. These bearings consist of an inner ring, one or more roller element sets (full complement or with cage) and an outer ring. In most cases, the roller elements are guided in a bearing ring on banks.

Another feature of these bearings is that they are demountable, i.e. the inner ring and outer ring / rolling element set can be mounted separately, this can simplify the installation of the bearings and make them safer. The different bearing types are avaliable as floating or as well as a fixed bearing, another variant is the supporting bearing, these can take one-sided thrust forces.

Radial bearings

Thrust bearings

For axial load only, “real” thrust bearings are usually used. These bearings are composed of a shaft locating washer, a cage with the roller elements and a housing locating washer. This configuration is called a unidirectional thrust bearing. If axial forces have to be absorbed from two sides, the configuration of the bearing changes as follows: two shaft locating washers, two cages with rolling elements and one housing locating washer; This storage variant is also called bidirectional thrust bearing.

Axial bearings

Custom cylindrical roller bearings of Eich roller bearings

We at Eich Rollenlager see ourselves as problem solvers. Even under the harshest conditions, the storage units must work properly and harmonize with each other. Where other bearings reach their limits, our cylindrical roller bearings are used! Especially for special cases we find a solution in close consultation with you and adapt our bearings to your requirements. Our roller bearings are not standardized or standardized because we do not manufacture bearings in series. Our goal is to find special solutions where standard bearings fail.

Do you want to get advice for your project or do you have a problem with various warehouses? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will find an alternative solution for your problem, no matter whether it is a cylindrical roller bearing or a needle roller bearing. Our bearings are very dirt and heat resistant and can withstand your demands.

Cylindrical roller bearing types

Roller bearings with rolling elements in cylindrical form can, depending on the design, support radial and to a certain extent even axial forces. Cylindrical roller bearings that can only support axial forces are also called axial cylindrical roller bearings. The cylindrical roller bearing types generally differ in the arrangement of the so-called lateral shoulders on the outer ring and inner ring. The following designs are available for single row cylindrical roller bearings:

  • Basic design N, without shoulder on the outer ring, two shoulders on the inner ring
  • NU as non-locating bearing, two fixed shoulder on outer ring, no shoulder on inner ring
  • NUP as locating bearing, two shoulder on the outer ring, one shoulder on the inner ring, loose shoulder washer on the inner ring
  • NJ can support axial loads in one direction, two shoulder on outer ring, one shoulder on inner ring

Single row cylindrical roller bearings with cage and without cage (full complement cylindrical roller bearings) can be used as non-locating bearings, supporting bearings and locating bearings.

In addition, cylindrical roller bearings are also available in multiple row designs, e.g. to withstand the increased loads in rolling mills.


Production of a cylindrical roller bearing

This video shows all manufacturing steps of a 1820mm cylindrical roller bearing on Eich roller bearings for a converter tilting gear including cage mounting. All production steps take place in the company’s home.


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