Areas of application

Area of application

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Motor Vehicle Industry

Motor Vehicle Industry

  • Rollers in washing machines
  • Bearings for conveyor chains and automatic advance systems
Waste Incineration Plants

Waste Incineration Plants:

  • Bearings for roller grates
  • Bearings for feeding grates
  • Bearings for travelling grates
  • Bearings for feeding grates and reciprocating grates
Rolling Mills

Rolling Mills:

  • Roller bed bearings
  • Roll bearings
  • Stand roll bearings
  • Bearings for side guide rollers
  • Bearings for roll removal equipment
  • Bearings for traverser travel wheels
  • Bearings for ingot tipper cars
  • Bearings for crane travel wheels
  • Tong edge bearings
  • Roll jacket bearings in front of pusher furnaces
Straightening Machines

Straightening Machines:

  • Roller bearings for straightening machines


  • Roll bearings in roller hearth furnaces
  • Wheel bearings for roller hearth cars
  • Bearings for continuous furnaces
Cooling Troughs

Cooling Troughs:

  • Lifting beam bearings
  • Chain sprocket bearings
Continuous Casting Plants

Continuous Casting Plants:

  • Continuous guiding roller bearings
  • Mould wheels
  • Rolls for flame cutting plant
  • Live roller bed bearings
Blast furnaces, steelworks

Blast furnaces, steelworks:

  • Sintering plants
  • Taphole plugging machine
  • Taphole drilling machines
  • Bearing for flaps and rotary valves in hot air pipework
  • Bearings on lit raising mechanisms for electric furnaces
  • Bearings for roller on soaking pit furnace covers

Area of application

Anti-friction bearings and roller bearings have been used worldwide for centuries. In ancient Egypt, heavy boulders were stored on simple wooden rails. The storage technology was optimized and perfected over time. With well-running bearing units, it is possible to operate large machines without having to apply a large force. Thanks to the industrial revolution and the advancing technology, it is therefore possible to keep complete systems running with simple roller bearings.

However, there are situations where standard roller bearings fail and do not fit the requirements. This is the case, for example, when the bearing loads are extremely high or the bearing units are exposed to an extremely high temperature. In such cases, special bearings from Eich are used. Even in ‘normal’ operating environments, Eich roller bearings are often used, as they are also characterized by their longevity. However, the spring bush bearings have proven to be particularly powerful in extreme environments due to their high temperature and dirt resistance.

What are rolling bearings used for today?

Eich roller bearings can be used in a variety of blast furnaces and steel mills. This includes, for example, bearings for the covers of the low-temperature ovens. Also, bearings are used in coking plants.

In continuous casting plants, we mainly assemble split continuous casting bearing units. Cast spigot bearings for burner cutting systems are also possible. Transmission bearings in cooling beds of the stainless steel works are also feasible by Eich roller bearings. For further applications you can contact us. We can inform you about many other areas of application by phone or e-mail. The spring bushing bearings and other bearing types of the Eich company can be used in many ways.

Even in rolling mills the usage of a roller bearing is possible. In ovens, Eich roller bearings can be used as wheel bearings for bogies. Among other things, we offer bearings for transport chains for the motor vehicle industry. In addition, Eich’s bearings can also be used in forestry for the storage of plows and other machines. Other areas of storage may be paper machines, sheet metal leveling machines or strip lines. In waste incineration plants, for example, our plain bearings with spring roller chains are used.

Would you like to know more about the areas of application of various bearings and find out more about where and when roller bearings become necessary? Feel free to contact us and we will provide you with the requested information. Also, we can then advise you, which storage makes sense for your machine and what we can realize. Together we will find an alternative solution for your – problem.

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