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What are roller bearings?

Roller bearings, also called rolling bearings, reduce the frictional resistance in the bearing between the inner and outer ring or rolling body. The forces are transformed into a rolling or rolling movement. In this role roller bearings differ essentially to plain bearings. Plain bearings are as well as roller bearing the most commonly used types of bearings in mechanical engineering.
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Function of the roller bearing

The bearing type is used as a fixation of axles and shafts. The movements of components are facilitated by the roller bearings with a rolling motion and reduces friction. Due to the different types of roller bearings can accommodate a radial or (even) axial forces.

At the same time they enable the rotation of the shaft. The most popular rolling bearing designs are ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. These designs are (mostly) kept in cages.

Structure of a roller bearing

The roller bearing consists of the three main components inner ring, outer ring and rolling elements. Mainly rolling friction occurs between these parts. The rolling element in the inner and outer ring of the roller bearing rolls on hardened steel surfaces with optimized lubrication.

For this reason, rolling friction is comparatively small when the gasket prevents foreign matter from entering. Customized roller bearing and roller bearing solutions, which are optimally prepared for even more difficult environmental conditions, can be found at Eich Roller bearings specialists.

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Advantages of roller bearings

  • Eich spring bushing bearings allow by the bias of the spring sleeves a secure fit
    of the camp
  • individual diameter ranges
  • optimal integration into enclosing parts
  • high rigidity
  • high load capacity
  • low rotational resistance at high torque load

Individual roller bearings

Due to the different designs, roller bearings can be specially adapted to customer needs with a high degree of individuality. For Eich roller bearings, depending on the customer’s requirements and / or application, the bearings can alternatively be made of high-strength, high-temperature resistant, anti-magnetic and non-magnetic roller bearing steels.

The production spectrum of rolling bearings starts at an inner diameter of about 30 mm and ends at an outer diameter of about 1850 mm. The production depth is very high – from development to final acceptance, all processes take place under one roof. CAD design, machining of workpieces on modern CNC machines, soft / hard machining and heat treatment are seamlessly integrated in EICH and subject to constant quality controls. This is the basis for special warehouses with short delivery times, optimum production quality and market-driven prices.

Production of a roller bearing housing

The Eich Rollenlager GmbH manufactures roller bearing housings in-house individually for its customers. The raw casings are burned out of a slab as a piece of flame to individual size rather than normal cast steel. This is the reason for the high stability and long life of the housing.


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Spherical roller bearings

Spherical roller bearings consist of two rows of rolling elements in the design of tons. This share is in a series with a common hollow spherical track in the outer ring and the bearing axis inclined track in the inner ring.

These bearings are more suitable than fixed bearings, axial displacements due to temperature-induced material expansion, they can absorb only limited. The gap between the rolling element webs reduces the load capacity of the spherical roller bearing compared to a single-row cylindrical roller bearing.

At Eich Rollenlager GmbH, our SACRB bearings offer an alternative to spherical roller bearings. These roller bearings are designed for heavy use where high static loads, axial forces and deflections occur. The design of the calotte with the outer ring which can compensate for angular errors, and the cylindrical raceways of the bearing rings and rolling elements ensure this

Properties of spherical roller bearings:

  • High load capacity
  • Long lifetime
  • Low bearing friction
  • Compensation of angular error

Needle roller bearings

The design of a needle bearing consists of thin and very long cylindrical rollers, but this axial forces can not be absorbed if no second bearing design is included. Needle roller bearings are used in transmissions or crankshafts of cars or motorcycles due to their low height.

Also in applications of heavy industry where high loads, temperatures, problems with relubrication and sealing of the bearings can occur, needle roller bearings are used as a cheap standard part. Often with problems in terms of their durability.

Eich Roller Bearings offers with the spring bush bearings type series BR and ABC, a durable alternative to needle roller bearings. These bearings, with a similar height, are more robust and better able to cope with problems with temperatures, soiling and insufficient lubrication.

Eich Rollenlager Catalogue

Download the Eich Rollenlager catalogue online free of charge. Here you will find all information about the offered bearing types and the company Eich Rollenlager.

Catalog 2019 English

Roller bearing types


ABC bearing
The ABC bearing is characterized by an anti-blocking cage as a special form of roller bearing. This bearing is often used in continuous casting because of its snap cage.

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Spring bush bearings and spring roller bearings

Spring bush bearings
Spring roller bearings and spring sleeve bearings form the brand core of Eich roller bearings. In the beginning, they were mainly used in mining. For example, today the steel industry benefits from the high performance of the bearings.

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Cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings
Cylindrical roller bearings are characterized by their high load-bearing capacity as well as their heat-resistant materials. As a result, they can be used in almost all areas of mechanical and plant engineering.

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Split bearing

Split bearing
Split bearing units are available as loose bearings, fixed bearings, support bearings and guide bearings. The special feature of this bearing is the split rolling element of the roller bearing. This allows the bearing to be individually adapted to specific applications.

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SACRB bearing

SACRB bearing
The SACRB bearing is characterized by its highest static load capacities and non-contra angle installation. The roller bearing has the special feature that it is individually adjustable.

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More roller bearing types

Roller bearing types
In addition to the types mentioned there are also support, run, pressure and cam rollers as additional bearings. Furthermore, Eich Rollenlager specializes in the manufacture of individual roller bearings.

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